Business plan template

Hi guys, this is Maël from Orange Ventures. Startin’ is a newsletter that aims to share quality content useful for the startup ecosystem (VCs, startups, fundraisers, etc.) regarding new technologies, investments, financial models, etc.

In this month’s edition, I am sharing with you guys a business plan template I have built when I was helping entrepreneurs raise funds to fuel their startup’s growth. This template allowed me to gain precious time and focus on real value-added stuffs when I was doing it.

This month’s edition will be a short one as I think the spreadsheet will speak for itself.

I am now sharing it with you as I believe this could also help you in many different ways. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a VC firm, a fundraiser or even just someone curious, this might be useful for you!

This model will allow you to generate financial statements based on a few assumptions. Most of them shall be entered in the sheet “Inputs”. For more information and to know how to use this spreadsheet, please refer to the sheet “Read me”.

Here is the link to access the template.

Enjoy, and see you next month!